THF Radio

since 2019

Founding Member and organizer at THF Radio 

THF Radio a community radio“for Tempelhof and beyond for the whole of Berlin. We offer  musicians*, artists*, bands and DJ*s a chance to try out different formats. In addition, we  are a platform for urban political discourse through various interview and talk formats.  The radio is a department of the recently founded Torhaus Berlin e.V., and is correspondingly located in the Torhaus, the gatekeeper house inside the former airport.

Launched as a pilot project in the summer of 2019, THF Radio has been in permanent  operation since the beginning of 2020, with over 50 different regular shows per month  and over 80 radio producers involved. 

In our understanding, the community in „community radio“ can be understood in at least  two ways: First, the radio is carried by a community. Tasks, responsibilities and costs are  shared among all participants and only the common commitment makes it possible for  the radio to function as a non-commercial and free platform.

Secondly, THF Radio is a radio for a community, namely for Berlin citizens, who can use  the radio for their own formats and ideas. An important aspect for us is to make access  and participation in radio as easy as possible, especially for people who are underrepresented in the music and cultural scene and often have difficult access. We try to create  human, content and musical diversity in our program.

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